Hearing Adjourned For Woman Charged In Death Of Busti Man

Marylou Johnson. Image by New York State Police.

LITTLE VALLEY – A Huntley Hearing for Marylou Johnson, of Busti, will now take place on Feb. 11 at 2 p.m. in Cattaraugus County Court, according to a Cattaraugus County Court Clerk who returned an email Wednesday morning to WNYNewsNow.

A wooded area at the end of Swanson Hill Road where police discovered the body of Wilfredo Colon-Rodriguez Jr. in April 2018. File image by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow.

Johnson, who is charged in connection with the death of Wilfredo Colon-Rodriguez, Jr., 48, of Busti, was scheduled to appear in court Tuesday for a Huntley Hearing, which discusses the admissibility of statements that a defendant makes to police.

Colon-Rodriguez, Jr.’s body was found in Apr. 2018 on Swanson Hill Road in Randolph. Colon-Rodriguez, Jr. was previously reported missing to the Lakewood-Busti Police.

State Police charged Johnson in September with second-degree manslaughter, a class C felony; as well as second-degree vehicular manslaughter, second-degree assault, driving while intoxicated and leaving the scene of an incident without reporting serious physical injury, all class D felonies.

Johnson was also indicted by a Cattaraugus County Grand Jury on the charges.


  1. This is my Uncle, a kind and sweet man whom was also a man of Hispanic origin and as well as a freely outspoken gay man. I believe she should be charged with murder and as a hate crime. Let’s not forget the cover up that the son and grand daughter are involved in this murder. Let’s not go easy on a charge for a woman that they are claiming beat him, robbed him, ran him over several times with a vehicle and took his phone so he couldnt be found! If you expect the family to believe that this play down is ok you are sadly mistaken. I am in school for criminal justice and I must say this is not justice. The evidence lies within the crime and those involved. My Uncle leaves behind 3 children, a new grand daughter and he never got to meet her. He lost his wife to cancer a ur before and irregardless of their divorce they were still friends. He leaves behind his life partner as well. Yet, we have to watch her family walk free and the courts deliberate ig he statements should be thrown out. Nope, I dont think so. I would love to testify for all the kindness my Uncle gave to my children and I. What is the problem? He is Hispanic gay Male vs little white old meth smoking white granny that looks evil. I’m sorry but not sorry. I’ve held my tongue for too long on this. I watched my family suffer too long and not said anything publicly because of school. Jastic was involved and post her thoughts openly. Murder is murder. He was Hispanic and gay, ends up dead and two murderers walk free. They conspired to do this on her birthday, over damn drugs!!! Karma is real Jastic!

  2. Bullshit! Murderer covered it up had his phone for days with no reporting it! There is a special place in he’ll for her and the people involved!

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