Reed Says “Extreme” Agenda Is Result Of State’s Goal To Become More Liberal

Congressman Tom Reed (R - NY 23) WNYNewsNow File Image.

WASHINGTON – Congressman Tom Reed said recent activity in Albany is just another symbol of an “extreme” agenda as part of an effort to make New York State the “most liberal state” in the country.

During Reed’s weekly teleconference with reporters on Thursday morning, WNYNewsNow asked for Reed’s reaction on recently discussed, or in the case of the Reproductive Rights Act, passed pieces of legislation in New York State. Reed said the activity is a direct result of the 2018 State election.

“State elections have consequences, and now that the Democratic Party is in complete control in Albany, you’re seeing an agenda, to me, that is extremely “left” in its makeup,” Reed said. “That means policies (implemented or introduced) that I fundamentally disagree with and, to me, at times, are very extreme.”

“When you see the moving of the needle on these various issues, where the State is going down this path and trying to be the most liberal state in the entire country as a badge of honor, I’m reminding folks, ‘What’s happened to New York State over the last 10 years with these policies?,”‘Reed said.

Reed said that New York State has seen a decrease in population, jobs and businesses over the last 10 years due to such policies.

“Are these the policies that are going to make New York vibrant and growing, or are they going to continue us down a path that has already been started by this Liberal agenda that is coming out of the State Capitol,” Reed said. “I would be of the mindset that what I’m concerned about is this is going to exacerbate the problem of New York loss of population, New York vibrancy, and not accelerate it.”

WNYNewsNow also asked Reed if he thought that, with the policies, New York State could be overstepping already-existing Federal law or Federal authority as defined by either the U.S. Constitution or previous Supreme Court decisions.

Reed deflected the question by reaffirming his support for the 10th Amendment, which states that any power not delegated to the Federal Government would be left to the states.

“I’ve always been, and always will be, a 10th Amendment individual,” Reed explained. “I do believe, that which can be done at the state government, that which can be done at the local government, generally, is better suited for the population of those local areas, and of the state.”

“I defer to the State Capitol in recognizing that they have the authority and ability to go down this path. At the end of the day, who I fundamentally believe is the check on this are the people of the local communities and the State of New York who will rise up at some point in time and say, ‘This agenda is way too extreme, this agenda is way too far liberal and is killing the future opportunities for the people of New York State.”

During the teleconference, Reed also announced his new position as Republican Leader of the Social Security Subcommittee on the House Ways and Means Committee. This places Reed as the Republican in charge of Social Security matters in the House of Representatives.

“We care about those who rely on Social Security, and we will work together with Democrats for the American people to protect this program and ensure Social Security is around for future generations,” Reed said.

Reed is joined on the committee by the Chair of the Social Security Subcommittee Rep. John Larson (D-CT).

“We know John is a great legislator, and we look forward to working with him this Congress,” Reed said.

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