Two Arrested In Stolen Weapons Investigation

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JAMESTOWN – Two people were arrested at 70 Forest Ave. Saturday following an investigation into two loaded stolen handguns from the Town of Ellicott.

Douglas P. Beardsley, 34, and Camille L. Lopez, 19, were taken into custody after Jamestown Police assisted Ellicott Police in executing a search warrant at the property.

Both are charged two counts of second-degree felony criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of stolen property, and seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance/criminally using drug paraphernalia as police said they found methamphetamine in the house.

Police also said they found cash and scales inside the house.

Investigators said additional arrests and charges are expected in this case as the investigation remains ongoing.


  1. The guy sells 3 diffrent kinds of drugs and messing up a child but will just leave that alone right. This arrest #44 but let him go right

  2. How was Douglas Beardsley even out of jail to be arrested for this in the first place. He is a repeat violent offender. Wasn’t it just a year ago he fired 3 slugs from a shotgun into a house that had children in it how the hell is he not already in jail. This is a perfect example of why Chautauqua County is in desperate need of a new district attorney. Under NYS predicate felon law he should be doing life by now. Our streets are not safe when our district attorney can not put violent repeat offenders such as him behind bars.

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