Councilman Liuzzo Announces Mayoral Campaign

Jamestown City Councilman Andrew Liuzzo (R) announces bid for Mayor. Image by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow. 02/02/19

JAMESTOWN – Jamestown City Councilman at-large Andrew Liuzzo (R) announced Saturday afternoon he is running for Mayor.

Liuzzo’s family, friends and supporters joined him at A-1 Auto Service at 102 Winsor St. with the backdrop of a decaying and decrepit former factory binding that now sits vacant.

“Instead of litigating we will negotiate and where we ignore issues we will invest,” said Liuzzo. “This means cutting expenses and better utilizing the existing assets and resources including neglected properties.”

Jamestown City Councilman Andrew Liuzzo (R) announces bid for Mayor. Image by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow. 02/02/19

The councilman said he will create an environment that supports and encourages city residents and small businesses to invest in themselves that will in-turn allow them to invest in the community.

Liuzzo also wants to make changes to the city charter.

‘The city has been ruled by a few and not governed as the city’s original charter indented,” said Liuzzo. “This is the city code and charter in 1980 when we were close to over 40,000 people; this is the current city charter for 2018 where we are managing under 30,000 people.”

Liuzzo said the current charter book that is much larger than pervious includes many amendments that give the mayor more authority than the original founders indented.

“First line in both of these charters state: ‘the City of Jamestown will be governed by the mayor/city council’, I plan to review the amendments that have been added and return to a more well-rounded governed city government.”

Liuzzo also said he will address poverty, crime and high taxes if elected.

The at-large city councilman was elected in fall 2017. A lifelong City of Jamestown resident, Liuzzo owned and operated Yankee Painter & Wallpapering, Inc for 20 years.

Since retiring as director of rehabilitation services at Cuba Memorial Hospital in 2018 to focus more on the city, Liuzzo has driven part-time for CARTS.

To learn more about the councilman’s campaign visit Friends of Andrew Liuzzo on Facebook or write to P.O. Box 2132, Jamestown, NY 14701.

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