Bentley: Suspect Cased Another Location Prior To Bank Robbery

Image by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow.

LAKEWOOD – The suspect in Friday’s robbery of the Five Star Bank on Fairmount Avenue scouted another location prior to the robbery, according to Lakewood-Busti Police Chief John Bentley, who spoke with WNYNewsNow Monday morning.

Bentley said the suspect, who authorities haven’t identified as of publish time, was wearing the disguise shown in the photo above. Bentley urged people to speak up when seeing anything “suspicious.”

“If anybody sees anything suspicious, call somebody, say something, it can literally mean somebody else’s life or your own,” Bentley said. “This guy meant business.”

“We had people who saw him prior to this who had an opportunity to make a call to possibly stop this from happening, and they didn’t because they didn’t want to offend anybody. People need to wake up and, when you see something that gives you that feeling like something is wrong, you make a call and you tell somebody.”

The Chief didn’t disclose the location that was scouted by the suspect, who officials said is six-feet-tall, and 275 pounds.

According to Bentley, the suspect used a handgun during the robbery. The suspect also claimed to have a bomb and showed what looked to be a bomb strapped to their chest, Bentley added.

“This person should be considered armed and extremely dangerous,” Bentley stated.

Bentley said that the truck used is unique because it’s a heavy-duty Ford that’s considered a limited edition. The truck is maroon with a tan trim on the bottom.

In a press release issued Friday, investigators said the man entered the bank and performed a “takeover-style” robbery where employees were ordered at gunpoint into a room during the robbery.

Authorities said that the suspect could be driving a 1997 or 1998 Ford F-250 pickup truck.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 716-763-9563.

Police said no one was hurt during the robbery.

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