Local Entrepreneur Goes Viral By Doing What He Loves

Image courtesy ReUp/Epic Games.

JAMESTOWN – A local entrepreneur is gaining a lot of attention online by doing what he loves, playing video games.

Will Loveless, known by his screen name ReUp, said years ago he was on YouTube watching others play video games and making a living off it; Loveless figured if they could do it anyone can.

“For roughly about six years I’ve been in the ‘entertainment’ business when it comes to that, I made YouTube videos, streamed on Twitch before but I really hit my grounding the past year with Mixer,” said Loveless.

Mixer is a video game streaming platform owned by Microsoft that allows users to watch video game streams, broadcast their games straight from an Xbox console, or from professional equipment that Loveless has invested in.

Loveless’ setup was featured during a video game conference last year. He said he was humbled because they recognized how much of an investment he has made in his vision.

“It (the equipment) is really an investment,” said Loveless. “When it came to the computer I bought when I first bought it, it was $3,200, that came with a couple screens but since then I had to update it.”

Loveless said a lot of people who watch him are interested in streaming games themselves. He said he tries his best to connect with them and help them out. His goal this year is to connect with people locally.

“I feel like being put on this earth was to inspire people to be the best they can be,” said Loveless. “I want to reach out to the local area and tell people anything can happen, it is up to you, I never thought in a day in my life I’d have 20,000 people back up my channel but with discipline and never giving, up anything can happen.”

Loveless said that when online he tries to use his platform to spread positivity.

“It’s hard talking in front of people,” said Loveless. “A lot of people struggle with depression, social anxiety, a lot of different things; but being able to connect with somebody, not get judged based on your features as a human being but to be able to just talk to someone based on their name and not judge them is a beautiful thing.”

Loveless plays a variety of video games including Fortnite. He broadcasts live on Mixer.com/ReUp from 8 p.m. to midnight everyday. You can follow him on Facebook at Facebook.com/ReUponMixer.

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