Week In Review: A Look Back At This Week’s Trending Stories

JAMESTOWN – WNYNewsNow’s Jonathan Schultz takes a look back at this week’s trending stories. The stories are sorted by viewership and interaction.

#5: There has been much talk and debate over the “zombie deer disease” stories.

The center for disease control, or CDC has issued a warning for the chronic wasting disease and better known as the “zombie disease.”  It is an illness that infects the brain and is passed through contact with contaminated bodily fluids and tissue.

There are 24 states so far that have had reported CWD cases in animals.  There is no known case in a person.

However, the CDC has warned the public to test venison or elk meat for CWD before eating it from areas with documented infections.

#4:  Chautauqua county legislator Dave Wilfong officially received the GOP endorsement for the 2019 Jamestown mayoral race during a city GOP meeting Tuesday evening at the elks club.

City councilman Andrew Liuzzo who announced he was also running for the republican party earlier this month said “elections are decided by the people.” When asked whether or not the endorsing of Wilfong shocked him, Liuzzo said he was not surprised.

The two will be running against each other in the June republican primary.

On Thursday night the city democrats endorsed Eddie Sundquist as their candidate.

#3: A Steamberg man is facing charges following a fatal motor vehicle crash.

The Chautauqua county sheriff’s office says that James Newell, 41, is charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, reckless driving, unsafe passing, failure to keep right and speed not reasonable and prudent following a crash in Gerry last Friday.

Investigators said the passenger in the vehicle, Paul Newell, 43, pronounced deceased at the scene after he was ejected from the truck.

#2: A New York state trooper from Chautauqua County was hurt while he was responding to a fight on a downstate highway last week.

Trooper Dalton Walsh from Stockton suffered injuries to his lip and jaw while trying to break up a fight between a father and son duo.

The two men are now facing felony counts of assault on a police officer including other charges.

#1: The U.S. Court of appeals heard oral arguments this week against New York state’s pistol permit laws.

Buffalo attorney James Ostrowski lead the challenge. He argued that the law is unconstitutional because it violates the second and 14th amendments. In an exclusive interview with our Rory Pollaro, Ostrowski said the court could rule in a week or they could rule in six month’s time. Ostrowski said he thinks the case could go all the way to the supreme court in Washington D.C.

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