Borrello Says State Of County Address Will Help Point County “In The Right Direction”

MAYVILLE – Chautauqua County Executive George Borrello’s second career State of the County address contained more of what the county’s top official said he’s accomplished in 2018 compared to last year’s address, which detailed what he said he would accomplish.

Borrello spoke with WNYNewsNow one-on-one following Wednesday’s County Legislature meeting. Borrello said that, even though the addresses were different, both of them will point the county “in the right direction.”

“Last year was very much focused on the 100 businesses in 100 days and focused on what we learned,” Borrello said. “This year, we were able to talk about all of the things that occurred in my first year and how that was setting us up for future years. It was great to be able to cover a more broad set of topics, but what we did last year was incredibly important too because it really set us up and pointed us in the right direction, especially with economic development.”

One of Borrello’s theories he discussed during his 2018-19 budget presentation last fall was the “bushel full of pennies” theory. “A penny by itself is nothing,” Borrello previously said. “Most people wouldn’t bend over and pick up a penny off of the sidewalk, but if you fill a bushel full of pennies, that’s approximately $332.”

Borrello said that the “bushel full of pennies” would have department heads look at ways in which they can save money. Sometimes, however, department heads can go over budget, as was the case recently for Chautauqua County District Attorney Patrick Swanson. The County Executive explained following the meeting that he understands that the budget process can be “challenging” because of the moving of funds from one line item to another, but he said that department heads are still responsible to meet the budget.

“I’ve always said to department heads, ‘You run this department and you’re responsible for meeting that budget,’ and we want to do whatever we can to be as efficient and frugal as possible while still being able to provide those services,” Borrello said.

During the address, Borrello also detailed how he hopes to improve the economy in the Ripley area. Borrello, in addition, stressed the need of collaboration. WNYNewsNow will file separate pieces on the address.

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