The Story Of A Small Jamestown Business Owner Playing With The Big Boys

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JAMESTOWN – Let’s face it. People focus solely on what a business offers, rather than the people who run the business. 

A large part of society usually forgets about how their favorite businesses, big or small, local or national, had to start from the ground up. Literally and figuratively speaking, all businesses start as a brick and grow into a structure.

To that end, WNYNewsNow recently conducted an interview with Garrett Yager, who’s the owner and sole proprietor of Brotherhood Property Maintenance. WNYNewsNow wanted to hear Yager’s story as he’s quickly become a major player in the area.

Yager said the key to his success is being persistent with advertising, following up with quotes/estimations, etc.

Yager told WNYNewsNow that he first thought about starting his own business when his parents told him, as a kid, that he needed to start making his own money.

“Back in seventh grade, myself and a lot of my friends were hanging out during the summer, and we were continuely asking our parents for money, just being kids,” Yager said. “A few of our parents finally said, ‘No, if you want money, you need to do something on your own to make it.'”

Yager said him and his friends began to mow numerous lawns around town. Once some of his older friends turned 16, he began to mow the lawns less.

Yager said his dad was an instrumental part in introducing him into the snow plowing business. Because of school, Yager said he was limited on the number of accounts he, himself, could plow.

Yager, in addition, said that he learned about “drive, determination and persistance” from his parents.

The 2013 Falconer grad said he previously attended college, but realized it wasn’t for him. Yager said he worked multiple jobs to build equity so he could start his own business.

Yager added that multiple bad experiences at some of the jobs left him searching for a niche. The businessman noted that, in Spring 2018, he jumped into the business world and started buying equipment.

Brotherhood Property Maintenance began with its sole focus on snow plowing because Yager didn’t know where the lawn care part of the business would be heading.

“I didn’t know where things were going to go, so I didn’t want to invest what I had personally saved, and jump into something and go, ‘Oh, this isn’t going to work,'” Yager said.

Yager said he was able to increase his equity in the first months of 2018, which allowed him to buy equipment for the lawn care.

“I highly recommend anyone looking to get into any kind of business to start out with used equipment,” Yager said. Yager noted that businesses would be looking at extremely high prices for brand new pieces of equipment.

Yager said that he’s learned about how to grow his business by communicating with multiple lawn care owners throughout the community.

WNYNewsNow asked Yager about the various locations he’s used as headquarters for his business. Yager said that he originally began operating his business from his residence, but is now operating out of a building that he is renting space in.

Yager said his office will be open soon for the public, and he’s hoping to have a receptionist. He added that, sometimes, he’ll have in-house meetings with potential clients.

In addition to snow plowing, commercial and residential, Yager also offers various forms of lawn care. Yager is recommending to potential customers to avoid having harsh chemicals placed into their lawns, which he said can damage the ecosystem.

Brotherhood Property Maintenance also offers some excavating and property grading for drainage purposes. Tree trimming, and full tree removal are additional jobs offered.

Yager said he hopes to increase dock installation and removal this summer, as well. Brotherhood Property Maintenance has its headquarters at 231 Hopkins Ave., suite and shop 40.

During the interview, Yager acknowledged that his business has sustained a few bumps. Yager mentioned that there were brief moments of what he labeled “minor” controversies.

“Anything that was controversial, we do everything within our power to make sure that the customer is pleased,” Yager said. “Not every outcome is perfect, but we try to make sure everyone is happy.

When asked how Yager responds to those who may discuss previous controversies, he answered that he reminds people to draw their own conclusions.

“All I can tell any potential customer is to read our reviews, and take your assumption about what we can do for your property,” Yager said. “We are very professional, clean-cut. We are 100 percent professional.”

Yager explained that, sometimes, his crew may accidentally mow a part of a property that’s adjacent to a client due to a lack of a property line marker. If the mistake occurs, Yager said his crew will offer to mow the rest of the property for free.

Yager added that, quite often, he’ll gain new customers because of the professional attitude his staff shows when such incidents occur.

Yager said his staff continues to grow, and he hopes to dedicate more time to the administrative part of the business.


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