JHS Partners With St. Bonaventure, Adds 8 Student Interns To The Program

St. Bonaventure University intern, Calsey Bump, observes JHS English teacher Charlie McKenna during class.

JAMESTOWN – Jamestown High School recently joined a partnership with St.Bonaventure University to bring student interns to the schools.

JHS has brought in 8 Adolescence Education student interns that will work alongside seasoned teachers to learn the ins and outs of teaching, while bringing new lessons and ideas to the classroom as well. There are 20 other student teachers that are enrolled in the partnership at Love Elementary School.

Student interns spend most of their day observing and helping teachers in the classroom where they get experience applying the principles that they learn while taking nine hours of classwork with their St. Bonaventure instructors.

The Field Block is designed so that students get the opportunity to see how their coursework is applied in actual classrooms. They get the practical along with the theoretical, and it is hoped that this balance better prepares them for the student-teaching experience during the following fall semester.

“The St. Bonaventure program is a great opportunity for JHS and the district as a whole to engage with and help train the next generation of teachers,” said Mr. McKenna, a teacher at JHS. “Also developing a relationship with the St. Bonaventure Education Department will provide an opportunity for us to explore the latest ideas in education and incorporate them in our lessons so as to better serve our student population.”

“The classroom teachers are vital to the success of this program,” said Dr. Merridy Knips from St. Bonaventure University School of Education. “It’s really a win/win situation all around.  The classroom teachers benefit from an extra pair of hands, and the knowledge that they are helping in the preparation of future teachers, and the students get opportunities to practice and learn about what really goes on in public school.”

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