Jefferson 5th Graders Create Poetry Book

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JAMESTOWN – Jefferson Middle Schoolers recently tried their hand at writing poetry.

Students in Adam Mason’s fifth grade class partnered with Scholastic to have their writing and artwork published in print.

“I thought it sounded like a great idea to get my students excited about writing,” said Mason. “We went with a winter poetry theme because this was in January. My students don’t get exposed to a lot of poetry throughout the year, so I thought they would enjoy writing some different forms of poetry.”

Mason had his students focus on four different types of poetry: cinquains, diamantes, haikus or acrostic poems. Mason picked names out of a cup for who was going to write which type of poetry.

The class read about each type of poetry and looked at examples to show them how they’re written. Then, the students wrote rough drafts for the poems, drew illustrations and prepared them for the publishing kit.

Parents were able to order a copy of the published book.

“This activity allowed my students to use their creativity in both their writing and illustrating,” said Mason. “They seemed to really enjoy it!”

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