Reed Supports Lake Plan, But Said Wastewater Facilities Are Key To A Cleaner Lake

File image by Justin Gould / WNYNewsNow.

WASHINGTON – The recently released Chautauqua Lake plan from County Executive George Borrello has friends in high places.

Congressman Tom Reed told WNYNewsNow that he supports the lake plan, but that the next key step is finding funding for wastewater treatment facilities around the lake.

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“I applaud George (Borrello) for that initiative, after working with him for years in regards to planning money, study money in order to find out the best way to address the weed problem there of Chautauqua Lake,” Reed said.

“We are partnering with him on, not only those initial steps that have occurred in investments from the federal level that have been made in order to allow for that planning to occur, but now we have to find money for things like the wastewater treatment facilities around the lake,” Reed said.

“We need to find ways to fund those sewer systems that are going to go a long way to helping eliminate nutrient load there that is causing , in my opinion, the root cause of the weed problem of Chautauqua Lake.”

He said the partnership among federal, state, county and local lawmakers best serves the needs of people.

“When all hands of government work together, you get the best level of government for the folks back home.”

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