Reed: Permanent Property Tax Cap Move In “Positive Direction”

Congressman Tom Reed (R - NY 23) WNYNewsNow File Image.

WASHINGTON – Congressman Tom Reed said his biggest takeaway from Governor Andrew Cuomo’s 2019-20 executive budget involved the inclusion of a permanent property tax cap.

Reed told WNYNewsNow during a teleconference with reporters Wednesday morning that the cap was a move in “a positive direction.”

“As I publicly stated and publicly applauded the Governor for his position on the property tax cap, I think that recognizes what we’ve been saying for years,” Reed said. “New Yorkers are taxed way too much. In particular, our seniors and the next generation of New Yorkers that are looking for job opportunities and those property taxes are one of the main burdens put on our residents when it comes to their opportunities and ability to live in New York for generations. That’s a positive thing.”

Reed, however, said that he remains concerned about the increase in the overall tax burden on New York State residents.

“The concern I have, overall, is if you look at the tax load that the Governor, as well as the legislators in Albany, have put on all of New York with their increased spending of four percent, plus to cover that, the taxes that go along with it overall, are further going to saddle us,” Reed said. “As they help us on the property tax bill, it’s disappointing that they don’t recognize on the other taxes that they’re putting on New Yorkers how bad they’re hurting New Yorkers and the future of New York in regards to the taxes that are coming out of Albany.”

“Good step on the property tax front to limit that tax impact. Very bad step in regards to robbing Peter to pay Paul by increasing taxes elsewhere that are going to hurt many New Yorkers in a negative way.”

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