Pac-Man Game Turns 40

May 22, 2020 News Staff 0

JAMESTOWN – Pac-Man turns 40 today. It debuted in a Tokyo arcade on May 22, 1980 and became a game-changer in the video game world. It went on to become the most successful arcade game

Coronavirus Coverage

Facebook Launches Video Messenger Rooms

May 17, 2020 News Staff 0

JAMESTOWN – There’s a new way to be in touch with friends while still social distancing. Facebook is introducing messenger rooms. This feature allows users to build a virtual room where free video calls can


Apple Announces New $399 iPhone SE

April 19, 2020 News Staff 0

CUPERTINO C.A. – If you’re wanting to get your hands on a smaller smartphone with a lower price point, Apple has you covered with the new second generation iPhone SE at the lowest price ever


No New Emojis In 2021 Due To COVID 😢

April 13, 2020 News Staff 0

JAMESTOWN – Smart phone users won’t have new emojis to select in 2021. It’s yet another result of the Coronavirus Pandemic. A non-profit group called the ‘Unicode Constortium’ oversees the creation of emojis. They usually