State Officials Remind Drivers To Be Aware During Road Construction Season

Stock Photo: Courtesy Of MGN/Tony Magpantay.

ALBANY – A week-long effort by New York State’s transportation and emergency response agencies to promote and support National Work Zone Awareness Week is underway.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Monday that his office is working with state departments to remind motorists of the move over law.

Cuomo said as construction season begins, more maintenance and work crews will be out on the road performing repairs and improvements to ensure roads are safe for motorists.

The Governor wants all travelers to be prepared to reduce speeds and to be alert when passing through work zones.

“In the wake of several recent tragedies on our roadways involving transportation workers and law enforcement, it is more crucial than ever that we educate motorists on the importance of obeying traffic safety laws at all times,” said Cuomo. “New York has zero tolerance for any driver who puts the lives of our dedicated workforce at risk, and as we support National Work Zone Awareness Week, we will make it clear that anyone who disregards these laws will be held accountable.”

Since 2000, National Work Zone Awareness Week has been recognized by the Federal Highway Administration. This year’s theme is “Drive Like You Work Here.”

Cuomo said recognizing and understanding signs leading up to and within a work zone is essential for the safety of all drivers and roadside workers.

Motorists are reminded that fines are doubled for speeding in a work zone, and in accordance with the Work Zone Safety Act of 2005, convictions of two or more speeding violations in a work zone could result in the suspension of an individual’s driver license.

Passed in 2011, New York’s Move Over law requires motorists to drive with care, slow down, and safely move over when approaching law enforcement vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances, tow trucks, construction and maintenance vehicles that are stopped along roads across the state.

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