State DOT To Replace, Repair Drainage Throughout County

Stock Photo: Courtesy Of MGN/Tony Magpantay.

CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY – Work to repair or replace a number of large culverts in Chautauqua County has begun.

State DOT officials said they will replace a culvert on Route 5 in the Town of Portland.

Officials will also repair three culverts along Interstate 86 in the towns of Mina and Ellery, two on Route 20 in the town of Westfield, one along route 5 in the Town of Portland, one along route 39 in the Town of Sheridan, and another along route 62 in the Town of Kiantone.

The State DOT said the $2.8 million project will enhance safety and reduce the risk of flooding.

New and rehabilitated culverts will allow water to flow through the structures more easily, according to the New York State Department of Transportation.

Officials said the project will help facilitate economic growth in the region as the work is cost-effective to make sure the culverts last for decades.

Work on all the culverts is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2019.

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