Study Places New York State With Fewest Amount Of Break-Ins

WESTERN NEW YORK – A new study released by ‘A Secure Life’ places New York State among the states with fewest break-ins.

Citing FBI statistics, the survey listed New York as the state with the fewest amount of break-ins per 100,000 residents.

A number of other northeastern states ranked similar to New York on the list, with a low amount of residential break-ins.

Specifically, New York City and other urban areas were less susceptible to break-ins because the study said they are “much less conducive to break-ins than houses on larger pieces of property.”

The south and southwest had the most amount of break-ins. Topping that list is New Mexico.

Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama were also ranked in the top 10 for burglaries. The survey said this could be due to lower population densities in those states.

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