Warren County Organizes Tornado Cleanup Event

Image by Carter Lumber Warren, Pa. 04/15/19.

WARREN – In the aftermath of a EF-2 Tornado that touched down near Warren, Pa. Sunday, county officials are rallying the community to help clean up.

The Warren County Commissioners Office is organizing a series of volunteer work sessions to help clear roadways, forests and properties affected by the storm.

The cleanup event started Wednesday and will continue through Saturday.

Volunteers are asked to meet at the county warehouse, 2490 Pennsylvania Ave. West between 9 a.m. and until 4 p.m.

The county is providing gloves, shirts and dumpsters to collect materials.

The commissioners are also asking those with pick-up trucks and four wheelers to collect and move materials to the dumpsters.

Volunteers can sign up online here or call Commissioner Eggleston at 814-706-8343 for more information.

So far, county officials said they have received a “huge” response of support but are still in need of volunteers.

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