A Look Behind The Scenes At Military Makeover Show Filming In Ashville

Image by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow.

ASHVILLE – Production of a nationally renowned military home renovation show is now underway in Ashville; on Sunday WNYNewsNow got a look behind the scenes.

Lifetime’s Military Makeover with Montel features Cody Willett, a local Air Force Veteran who was severely injured in a Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) attack during a mission in Kandahār, Afghanistan. In addition, Willett is overcoming another obstacle after he slipped and fell on the ice earlier this winter.

The vet won the remodel after applying online for Lifetime’s Military Makeover show. Art Edmonds, co-host of ‘Military Makeover,’ told WNYNewsNow that crews are working hard to complete the remodel before Thursday’s reveal.

“We are taking down walls, opening up the space, putting in new flooring, painting, installing appliances; we’ve got just all kinds of stuff happening,” said Edmonds. “They (the Willetts) have a downstairs family, media room, man cave type that space that we are converting to make it more family friendly.”

Edmonds said fans of the show have come from all across the area to help. Volunteers from the Joseph P. Dwyer Program have been on site all week assisting the film crew, contractors, and Willetts during the transformation project.

“Imagine having some work done in your house, you have a contractor, a plumber, a electrician, the tile guy, just imagine them working all at the same time,” said Edmonds. “Then imagine a TV show on top of that, with our circus that comes to town. The cameras, the lights, the audio, the grip trucks, the RVs, and all the stuff we have to bring with us to make a mobile TV studio for a week and a half in Ashville, New York. Many times, we are flying by the seat of our paints.”

Edmonds said he hopes the one thing viewers take away from watching the show is the mentality to give back to veterans.

“Don’t just say thank you to a veteran, show them, talk to them for a minute, pick up a tab without them knowing,” explained Edmonds. “If you see someone in the line at the coffee shop pay for their stuff in advanced on your card, not even say anything, just say ‘have a nice day’ and pay it forward.”

Production of Military Makeover will conclude Thursday when the Willetts will see their new renovated home.


  1. So happy that there are so many wonderful people who are working together to help veterans and their families. Your generosity and kindness is an inspiration to us all. Always remember to Thank a Veteran!

  2. Do they help ppl repair homes as my husband was in the army but he passed in 2010 I bought a home but it needs repairs like roof and windows and ect I did not know if they help

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