Randolph Continues To Seek Community Input On Future Of Vacant Lot

Image by Town of Randolph.

RANDOLPH – Town of Randolph officials will hold another meeting to discuss the future of a vacant lot in the center of the hamlet.

On Thurs., May 16, at 6:30 p.m., residents will meet at the Randolph Municipal Building to further discuss turning the lot into a park.

Town of Randolph Planning Board Chairman Kyle Brown told WNYNewsNow that the current sketch of the park is, by no means, set in stone.

“I think people are taking it like this is the final version,” said Brown. “It is more of a draft version to get the conversation going and to give people a visual.”

Image by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow.

Brown said after next week’s meeting, the town hopes to approve a design and start seeking grant funding.

Last month the Town of Randolph was awarded $2 million in state funding to construct new pedestrian accessibility enhancements, installation of solar radar speed signs and other traffic calming measures along the Main Street school corridor.

Brown said that funding is slightly connected to this project, but for the most part, the town will have to find another way, mainly through outside grants, to fund construction.

The Planning Board Chairman said no idea is off the table at next Thursday’s meeting will be another way to gauge public opinion and bring forward new ideas.

Two historic structures, referred to as the McNallie Fischer Building, sat at the corner of Main and Jamestown Streets in the Hamlet before collapsing in May 2015. An emergency demolition was scheduled to bring down what was left of the buildings and debris at the site.

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