Work At Home Scam Hits Facebook Local For Sale Site

Ryan Hyde / CC BY-SA 2.0

JAMESTOWN – A local Facebook for sale page has been hit with an ad that users are warning is a scam.

The ad promises $20 an hour for third-shift postcard work for Amazon. When users ask for information, they receive a link to a page asking for contact information.

According to some of the users, the ad is, in reality, an attempt to sell work at home kits and is in no way connected with Amazon.

The Better Business Bureau is now urging consumers to use caution when it comes to job opportunities online.

In this particular scam, victims are receiving a voicemail, text, email or message on social media inviting them to apply for a job at Amazon, according to the BBB.

Using names like “Amazon Cash Website,, and,” the message claims that the online retail giant is “hiring dozens of people to list products online, post reviews and do other website work,” the BBB said in a statement.

Experts said the position is advertised as one that enables employees to work from home and earn anywhere between $20 per hour to $6000 a month.

But there’s a catch – the scammers tell applicants that in order to begin working, they have to purchase a $200 “enrollment kit.” And after they pay, the scammers and fake job offer disappear, the BBB warned.

The scammers are targeting a specific demographic, particularly moms and dads.


  1. Just an FYI, I just received an ad re Facebook (in my feed)-now claiming $40-$50 an hour from home.
    Dumbly (I am unemployed) I clicked and top item says “start at $15.00 an hour”, amongst other items.

    If interested (do NOT share my email) I can forward to you.

    It makes me livid-I wish someone w bigger pockets than me could sue the you know what for false advertising-I hate liers.

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