Fredonia Church Continues To Rebuild One Year After Fire

Family Church Fredonia, Facebook Image.

FREDONIA – A church that was destroyed by fire last year is continuing to rebuild.

In a video posted on their Facebook page, Family Church Fredonia, whose 100-year-old bell tower burned up in flames on May 4, 2018, said part of their plans to rebuild include fully replace the historic clock.

Church officials said they also hope to put in a new steel roof, improved heating and cooling system and a total redesign of the sanctuary layout.

These improvements are estimated to cost over a quarter million dollars. So far a GoFundMe page has raised $7,602.

Family Church Fredonia previously spent $1.4M in renovations when they moved into the church in 2017.

During the 2018 fire, the interior of the building suffered heavy smoke and water damage as well.

Fire investigators said a copper gutter blew off the Church landing on a nearby transformer; causing the fire. When the gutter came into contact with the transformer, the entire system became energized; once energized, the positively charged electricity searched a path to the negatively charged ground.

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