Giglio Pushes Passage Of Crime Victims Legislation

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ALBANY – Lawmakers in the New York State Assembly’s Republican minority want to extend the time between parole hearings for prison inmates doing time for certain violent felony convictions.

Assemblyman Joseph Giglio was joined at the State Capitol Tuesday by other GOP lawmakers and Romona Bantle-Fahy to call for the passage of legislation known as “Ramona’s Law.”

The bill would extend the time between parole re-considerations from the current two years to five years for inmates convicted of violent felonies such as first- and second-degree murder, rape and predatory sexual assault against a child.

Giglio said the law is intended to increase protection for victims who Giglio said relive the crimes during parole hearings.

“You are ripping off the band aide and you are facing all the ugliness again,” said Giglio. “All we are asking for in this case instead of having it be automatic every two years, you leave it at the discretion of the parole board.”

The legislation is named for Bantle-Fahy, a Western New York woman who was raped and kidnapped in 1992. The man imprisoned for the crimes was denied parole in March.

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