‘Jeopardy James’ Wins Another Game, Just Short Of $2 Million Total

Photo: Jeopardy! / YouTube

HOLLYWOOD – Thursday night’s episode of Jeopardy! was a close call for reigning champion James Holzhauer.

The 26-day champion was given a run for his money, to say the least.

Surviving an impressive performance from New York City’s Nate Scheffey, Holzhauer is now $9,000 away from hitting the $2 million mark, which will most likely be topped Friday night.

Holzhauer sits behind Ken Jennings in total wins and prize money.

Thursday night, we found out that Holzhauer once met Jennings at a music festival out west.

“He was doing a trivia question at a music festival called ‘Bumbershoot’ in Seattle. I was one of three people that got called up on stage, and I lost horribly in this competition, but third place was the same book as first place was,” Holzhauer said.

Before Holzhauer appeared on the show, the most someone ever brought home in a single game was $77,000. It was a record held for years until the professional sports gambler from Las Vegas shattered it during his 26-day run.

Holzhauer’s average nightly winnings are actually higher than $77,000.

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