Art Show Now Open At Jamestown Public Schools

Families and community members attended the JPS District Art Show Opening Reception with over 300 pieces exhibited from kindergarten through 12th grades. Submitted Image.

JAMESTOWN – With almost 300 works from kindergarten through 12th grade, the Jamestown Public School’s annual art show is open.

JHS senior, Charles Sisson, shows off his pastel portrait of Jay Baehr to his subject during the JPS District Art Show Opening Reception.
Submitted Image.

Artwork will be on display at Jefferson Middle School through June 4 during school hours.

“I like art but I never thought I’d be very good at it until I did art last semester and I really enjoyed it,” said Persell Middle School seventh grader, Kaitlyn Kennedy, who had a landscape picture of the Northern Lights included in the show.

“It’s good to have an art show like this because people who don’t think they are good at art, like me, can see that they want to do art more. Also, it might inspire someone to be an artist when they grow up and a show like this will give you the encouragement to persevere to that goal.”

“I love doing art because you can express yourself,” said “JHS sophomore, Lily Foster, who created a pastel self-portrait.

“I think the exhibition is a great thing to do so the community can see everyone’s artwork. The first graders did some amazing drawings of frogs so it’s fun to see the work done at the other grade levels too.”

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