Deadline To Register To Vote In June’s Primary Is Today

WESTERN NEW YORK – Several changes to the state’s election law went into effect his year; including consolidating local, state and federal primaries to a single date in June.

Those hoping to vote on the June 25 primary election will have to sign up to vote by today, Friday, May 31. State election officials said those already registered with a political party don’t have to do anything.

Those who are not registered can do so in person at your county Board of Elections office or postmark a completed downloadable form by Friday so it’s received no later than Wednesday, June 5.

New York State has a closed primary system, meaning only registered party members can vote only in their own party’s primary.

For example, registered Democrats can vote in Democrat primary elections and registered Republicans can only vote in Republican primary elections.

Those registered as independent can not vote in New York State Primary Elections.

The election law reforms were adopted by lawmakers back in January. Previously, local and state primaries were held in September.

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