Reed Says Closure Of Prisons Represents Extremism In Albany

Congressman Tom Reed (R - NY 23) WNYNewsNow File Image.

WASHINGTON – New York State will be closing two prisons as part of various proposals in Albany.

During a teleconference with reporters Tuesday, Congressman Tom Reed (R-NY 23) said that the closure of the prisons will essentially allow for the opening of heroin injection sites.

In addition, Reed said that the closure is another example of extremism from the state capital.

“This, to me, is a priority-setting agenda of Albany that is truly extreme,” Reed said. “When you’re talking about closing two prisons – Livingston County and Manhattan have been identified as those two prisons for closure – and then have legislative proposals that are going to open heroin injection sites in our community. It shows the danger of the radical left agenda that the Democratic Party in Albany is now controlled by.”

Reed said that the Democratic Party, as a whole, has shifted greatly from years ago.

“To me, the Democratic Party is no longer the party of your grandmother, your grandfather,” Reed said. “This has been taken over by that extreme wing, and loud vocal minority that is forcing the Democratic party to leave any resemblance of reasonable type of policy priorities out of Albany.”

“The issue of closing prisons, in order to open heroin injections sites, highlights that you are not solving the problem. You are actually compounding the problem.”

Reed additionally released the following statement later Tuesday afternoon:

“Why would anyone believe it’s a good idea to close more prisons while creating the conditions for increased homelessness, violence and crime, and area drug dealers with heroin injection sites. Common sense has flown out the window under one-party control in Albany. It would be unfair to the hardworking people of our state if we allowed our communities to become a drug pusher’s paradise – with no jails.”

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