April The Giraffe Will No Longer Breed

April the Giraffe at the NY Animal Adventure Park gave birth over the weekend to a baby boy, Photo Date: 4/16/17. Photo: Animal Adventure Park

HARPURSVILLE – April the Giraffe’s Days of being in the spotlight are over.

After observing the animal, veterinarians decided she should not have any more babies.

April rose to fame in 2017 when millions of people tuned in to YouTube to watch as she awaited the birth of her calf Tajiri. This spring April’s popularity boomed again when she gave birth to Azizi.

The park’s owner announced Thursday she is now retired from Animal Adventure Park’s breeding program.

“Through observation and working with our veterinary team, we really felt it was best for April to probably not conceive and have another pregnancy based on what we see in the behavior that we are observing,” said Animal Adventure Park’s Jordan Patch. “So, that leads us to retire her from the program, put her on contraceptives, and move her to barn two where we will be able give her care as we retire her from the program and as she continues to age.”

April will be moved to a barn where she will live with her two children. Another female giraffe will be placed in the habitat with Oliver the male giraffe to potentially breed more babies.

As for April, her fame will be used to help educate visitors.

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