Health Minute: Summer Safety Heat Health Tips

WESTERN NEW YORK – Friday is the first official day of summer and experts are reminding Western New Yorker’s that ‘fun in the sun’ can quickly turn dangerous.

As the mercury begins to rise the threat of heat-related illnesses rises with it. Dr. Holly Phillips says it doesn’t take much to become dehydrated.

“So if the temperature is just approaching 80 degrees you can become significantly dehydrated in just 20 minutes,” said Philips.

She says the best thing to do is drink plenty of fluids and, if possible, keep outdoor activities to the cooler parts of the day and remember what you wear can make a difference.

If you feel weak, a bit dizzy or out of breath this may be the first signs of heat stroke.

“It’s when your body loses its ability to control its core temperature,” said Phillips. “People can actually stop sweating so their skin doesn’t feel wet but rather really hot and dry.”

If this happens make sure to call 911 right away and get the person out of the sun into either the shade or air conditioning.

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