Reed: I Don’t Support Transgender Discrimination In Military

Congressman Tom Reed (R - NY 23) WNY News Now File Image.

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump’s announcement in 2017 to ban transgender individuals from entering the military fueled a debate between those who support the acceptance of the individuals and who oppose it. 

The House of Representatives approved an amendment Tuesday night that blocks the Pentagon from using funds to implement President Trump’s transgender military ban. The vote total was 243-183.

During a teleconference with reporters Wednesday, WNYNewsNow asked Reed for his thoughts on the issue. Reed said that he continued to vote in accordance with his record.

“My record is clear when it comes to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues,” Reed said. “I do not support discrimination, and my vote last night was consistent with that position.”

“I understand the concern that has been expressed to make sure that military participants meet the physical standards that are required to make sure our men and women can defend our country, and do the job as safely as possible so they can return to their families. At the same time, just because of ones sexual orientation, I do not believe disqualifies them from serving in the military.”

The Pentagon’s policy went into effect in April, banning transgender recruits from joining the military.

The ban blocks prospective recruits diagnosed with a condition known as gender dysphoria from serving with limited exceptions. Transgender individuals can serve, so long as they meet the standards of sex they were assigned at birth. The policy allows active transgender troops diagnosed with gender dysphoria before April to serve openly and those who began, or have finished, transitioning.

There’s no word, currently, as to whether the amendment will gain traction in the U.S. Senate.

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