JPS Employees Honored At Retirement Reception

Pictured: Michelle Buttafaro, Terry Smith, Stephanie Johnson, Brenda Chandler, Robert Henshaw, Carrie Blitz, Eileen Healy, Roslyn Sisley-Kazelunas, Kim Lane, Leroy Houghwot, Patricia Lefford, Mark Alpaugha and Andrew Coccagnia.

JAMESTOWN – Jamestown Public Schools recently honored 42 employees for their service to the district at a recent retirement reception.

School Superintendent Bret Apthorpe spoke to the retirees and thanked them for their service to the district.

“It’s an exciting time in your life,” said Dr. Apthorpe. “You can see by the amount of administrative staff here today how much we value you and the work you have done for our schools. You should all have piece of mind that because of you, hundreds if not thousands of students are having better lives because of what you have done. I do want to give you a genuine, heartfelt thank you for what you have done for our district. We wish you the best in your retirement”

Each retiree’s principal or supervisor spoke about their service to their school or department during a recent Board of Education meeting.

The retirees received a small gift from the district to honor their years of service.

The Jamestown Public School retirees this year include:  Mark Alpaugh, Gary Anderson, David Andolora, Sue Atkins, Carrie Blitz, Elaine Bogardus, Kimberly Borton, Michelle Buttafaro, Kathy Carlberg, Susan D. Carlson, Brenda Chandler, Elizabeth Chase, Debra Cliver, Andrew Coccagnia, Judy Dahlgren, Patty Duncanson, Beverly Flick, Walter Gaczewski, Mary Glatz, Sharon Gollnick, Eileen Healy, Robert Henshaw, Linda Hilburger, Leroy Houghwot, James Johnson, Stephanie Johnson, Cynthia LeBaron, Kim Lane, Patricia Lefford, Helen Lewis, Polly Lindberg, Lynn Long, Linda Lucas, Debra Nevinger, Michael Riley, Roslyn Sisley-Kazelunas, Terry Smith, Carla Stringer, Brent Sutter, Leroy Walker, Janice Walters and Bruce Young.

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