Heatwaves & Health

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WESTERN NEW YORK – The summer is just beginning and whether you love the heat, or hate it, hot temperatures can mess with the body.

Experts say to be careful as the heat can do some serious damage to a person’s health.

One common, ailment is heat exhaustion. Symptoms include: headaches, weakness, cramping, feeling faint or even nauseous.

If exposure continues, it could lead to a much more serious condition known as heatstroke.

This happens when the body’s core temp gets above 104-degrees Fahrenheit.

It can alter mental state or behavior leading to confusion, agitation, permanent brain damage and even death.

Skin damage is another risk factor. Ultraviolet rays from the sun can burn and age skin or even cause cancer.

A few things to remember:

– Drink plenty of fluids. Don’t stick to sugary or alcoholic beverages since those can make you dehydrated.

– Limit your outdoor activities to the cooler parts of the day, and seek the shade when you start feeling too warm.

– Protect your skin with sunscreen and breathable, SPF clothing.

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