Trump Tweets New York Losing Population ‘Like Never Before’

Image by Rory Pollaro/WNYNewsNow.

WASHINGTON – In the ongoing political feud between President Donald Trump and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Trump took the latest shot in a series of tweets.

The president tweeted that people are moving out of New York “like never before,” blaming high taxes and the state’s leaders for prompting people to move.

The state’s population of 19.5 million is up slightly since the 2010 census, but New York lost population in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

“People are fleeing New York like never before,” he wrote. “If they own a business, they are twice as likely to flee.”

Responding to Trump’s tweets, Cuomo said the president “is in la la land.”

Estimates show that from 2010 to 2018, the state gained 164,000 people. However, that was mostly from immigrants moving into the New York City area. During that time, Chautauqua County’s population dipped from 134,905 to 127,939, a loss of 6,966 people.

Cattaraugus County also saw a decline of 3,477 residents, falling from 80,317 to 76,840.

In the past, Cuomo has cited weather as a major reason for people migrating out of state. Trump has blamed taxes, a liberal agenda and a poor business climate.

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