Woman Arrested For Allegedly Sideswiping House

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JAMESTOWN – A City of Jamestown woman was arrested after allegedly sideswiping a house with her vehicle Sunday.

Kellee A. Piatz Kroftka, 44, was taken into custody after Jamestown Police responded to a report of a despondent person at a Lovall Avenue residence.

Police charged Piatz Kroftka with fourth-degree criminal mischief. She was held in Jamestown City Jail pending arraignment.


  1. Another case of double standards in Chautauqua county. This woman is always high and drunk, and was noticeable under the influence at the time this occurred. Her father owns M&M Sports Den and is buddy buddy with all the cops in the area, so she was only charged with criminal mischief. Its not the first time she was in a position to be arrested for driving under the influence and never was charged. Our streets are not safe with these kind of double standards in our community. Some how our police have gone from upholding laws to picking and choosing what laws they want to uphold for who. She should already be in prison for DWI drugs and alcohol.

  2. Her dad was the one who had her arrested. And Andrew made the call. She passed all the field sobriety tests. And was released this morning to probation.

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