BPU Makes Major Change To Recycling Program

Image by Jamestown Board of Public Utilities.

JAMESTOWN – The Jamestown Board of Public Utilities (BPU) announced a major change to its residential recycling program Monday.

Due to changes with recycling policy in China, the BPU is now forced to only collect materials in five categories: paper, glass, metal, plastic and cardboard/box board.

BPU officials said each category of recyclables will have their own week of collection part of a revised four-month schedule through the end of the year.

Recently, China has closed its doors to American recyclables causing a surplus of recyclables internationally.

The BPU said the market changes mean that American vendors have had to restrict what recyclables they accept and in what combination they can economically process.

For instance, BPU paper recyclables will no longer be received by thier recycling vendors when mixed with cardboard and box board.

While BPU garbage disposal currently costs $28.50 a ton at the landfill, fees for recycling of paper with cardboard/box board together fluctuated and now costs more than $100 a ton.  BPU officials said the expense is not sustainable.

“We understand that recycling customers may be dismayed by recent changes in what recycling we can accept and in how we continue to collect it,” said BPU General Manager David L. Leathers.  “Please know that we are endeavoring to find options to keep recycling and garbage collection manageable and affordable for our residents.  Affordable rates for our customers and reliable services are our highest concerns.”

Leathers said the revised recycling calendar will be in effect from September, 2019, through the end of the year.

The revised calendars will be included with all garbage bills. The amended schedule is also posted on the utility’s website at www.jamestownbpu.com on the home page and on the Solid Waste section.

Calendars also are available in the BPU Customer Service Office at 92 Steele Street.

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  1. This is what happens when the United States climbs into bed with a communist country. Whether created with good intentions or a rabid sense of transcendent caution, recycling regulations created a situation where the reuse of garbage was mandated with no way to domestically produce a profitable alternative product out of the trash. So we turned to our good friends; the Chinese who, as everyone knows, can be exploited to our monetary benefit… or could be in the past. Now, as it turns out, the Chinese government, was covertly controlling their “free market” all along, and has put a stop to the acceptance of the refuge of a spoiled and wasteful United States. Now what? Some among us are content with placing the blame for the literal mountain of unusable trash on our current administration’s policy’s, but the situation could have been foretold and averted simply by reading an old, politically incorrect history book. Our current problems with Red China bring to mind the old saying “If you don’t start it, you won’t have to stop it.”

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