Health Minute: Can A Broken Heart Lead To Cancer?

WESTERN NEW YORK – If you suffer from Broken Heart Syndrome, it’s worth being checked for Cancer.

According to a new study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, one in six patients with broken heart syndrome, developed cancer.

Those patients with both conditions were less likely to survive five years.

Broken Heart Syndrome, or Takotsubo Syndrome, occurs when the heart’s main chamber enlarges and doesn’t pump efficiently.

It’s believed to be brought on by high levels of physical or emotional stress, but about one-third of patients can’t pinpoint an exact stressor.

Researchers believe that cancer patients are less likely to report any emotional distress they may have, potentially leading to their heart symptoms going undiagnosed.

The lead author of the study says Oncologists and Hematologists can learn from these results, and should consider screening cancer patients for Broken Heart Syndrome and vice-versa.

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