Mason-Thompson Starts Fresh With Libertarian Endorsement

Raven Mason-Thompson. Image by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow.

JAMESTOWN – A campaign based on new beginnings is getting a fresh start.

Raven Mason-Thompson, the candidate who challenged incumbent Ward II Jamestown City Councilman Tony Dolce in June’s Republican primary, recently received the Libertarian Party’s nomination for Jamestown City Council At-Large.

During an interview with WNYNewsNow Wednesday, Mason-Thompson said the endorsement is not just a blessing for her, but also the city.

“Getting this Libertarian endorsement, it really makes for a fair playing field,” said Mason-Thompson. “It’s not a closed party by membership only endorsement at this point. Now we have an invitation to really reach the community at large.”

Mason-Thompson continued to call for increased collaboration among city council members and transparency within government.

“It can’t be business as usual,” said Mason-Thompson. “I think we have to set a new standard and a level of transparency that brings more people to city council meetings.”

She said in order to improve quality of life in Jamestown and to achieve goals like lowering taxes, officials have to communicate more with the public.

Mason-Thompson explained that she originally ran for office because she felt the BPU Annexation in Falconer was unfair to the city’s neighbors.

“I saw an injustice taking place with a friend of mine, someone I respected, namely Jim Rensel the Mayor of Falconer,” said Mason-Thompson. “From that I found myself going to city council meetings and work sessions, voicing my concerns.”

While attending the meetings, Mason-Thompson said she noticed a drastic need for transparency within city government.

“It’s not just a seat, it is just being in the right position to help,” said Mason-Thompson. “At-large I believe brings that and I am thankful to the Libertarian Party for that endorsement because I think it is liberating in the scope of how I can be in service to our community.”

Throughout Mason-Thompson’s Ward II campaign she held a vision, “If it’s good for Jamestown, it is good for Ward II.” Mason-Thompson said that is still true today, only on a larger scale.

“For me it is not about the politics, it is about our community,” she explained. “If we are going to have a voice we have to make a sound, every vote really does count. It matters.”

Mason-Thompson, in conjunction with Jamestown City Councilman At-Large, and Libertarian Mayoral Candidate Andrew Liuzzo, will hold a series of ‘conversations’ dubbed “An Invitation For Conversation” throughout the city.

The first is scheduled to take place Friday, August 9, from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. on the repurposing of manufacturing at the Dahlstrom Building on the corner of East 2nd and Buffalo Streets.

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