Reed Secures Aid For Town Of Ripley Railroad, Sewer Project

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RIPLEY – A sewer project in Ripley will now cost thousands of dollars after a one-time licensing fee of $11,000 was waved by a railroad company involved in the project, according to an announcement Wednesday from Congressman Tom Reed. 

Reed said that Town of Ripley officials reached out to him for assistance after a collapsed sewer line under the railroad caused some major issues for the town.

Douglas Bowen, Ripley town supervisor, said, “We are so thankful to the Congressman for his efforts in reducing some of the fees associated with the sewer project which travels underneath the Norfolk Southern railroad lines. This project is very important to the people of Ripley, and we are glad that it is on the right track.”

“We were glad to assist the town of Ripley to move this project forward and help lessen the burden on taxpayers,” Reed said. “We are here to serve the people and get them the help they need when they need it . This is our most important work – meeting with constituents, listening to their needs and working on the issues they care about most.”

Ripley, known as the “Gateway To New York State,” was initially established in 1816 under the name of “Quincy.”

The town became known as “Ripley” in 1873 after General Eleazar Wheelock Ripley, who was active in the War of 1812

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