Today Is National Chicken Wing Day

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BUFFALO – Get ready for a wingding of a day, because Monday is National Chicken Wing Day.

The idea of eating chicken wings was hatched in 1964 at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo. Owner Teressa Bellissimo cooked them up for her son and his friends for a midnight snack one night.

The City of Buffalo celebrated its first national chicken wing day in 1977.

You can celebrate the day by finding a chicken wing special at a restaurant, throw a party in which each person brings wings tossed with a different type of sauce, or enter a chicken wing eating contest. Some great local spots for wings include: Jeremy’s Belview, Lena’s Pizza, Tasta Pizza, and/or the Whiskey Hill Saloon in Cassadaga; just to name a few.

The “Wing Bowl” world record holder is Molly Schuylr, who ate 501 wings in a half hour in 2018. It beat her previous record, set three years earlier, of 444 wings.

So bust out the wings, celery, and bleu cheese or ranch dressing. You can post to the social media hashtag “National Chicken Wing Day” to connect with the conversation.

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