Common Activities Cause Most Brain Injuries In Children, New Study Finds

Photo: NIH

WASHINGTON – A study from the Brain Injury Journal finds that roughly 72 percent of traumatic brain injury-related emergency room visits in kids are tied to common activities and consumer products, like floors, chairs and bicycles.

About 29 percent of activities that contribute to non-fatal brain trauma involve recreational activities, with football, basketball and soccer all in the top ten.

Injuries tied to these activities are most common in those ages 5 to 19, but brain trauma isn’t just linked to athletic gear and activities.

Infants and toddlers are most at risk for head injuries tied to furniture and fixtures. Home furnishings, like beds and tables are linked to roughly 17 percent of childhood brain trauma. Home structures, like stairs and walls, contributing to another 17 percent.

One researcher said a shocking find was that car seats are one of the top items associated with head injuries in infants. Despite keeping your little one safe in the car, seats can become dangerous if used as a baby carrier, where they can fall from a table or countertop.

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