Health Minute: 1 In 10 Older Adults Binge Drink

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WASHINGTON – There’s a new health concern out there for older adults, and it’s all based on behavior that may seem innocent enough.

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 1 in 10 older Americans binge drink. More than 10,000 adults 64 and older were surveyed about their alcohol use between 2015 and 2017.

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism defines binge drinking as five or more drinks for men, and four or more drinks for women in a two hour period.

Binge drinking can have serious negative health affects. Anything from an increased risk of falling, to an increased likelihood of chronic health issues.

The author of the study also points out that those older adults who are already dealing with medical conditions and taking prescription medications, are putting themselves at even more risk for complications.

They hope this study will encourage more education and awareness when it comes to binge drinking and the risks.

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