Health Minute: TRT Increase Risk Of Stroke, Heart Attack

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WESTERN NEW YORK – It’s a therapy millions of men have turned to, but a new study in the American Journal of Medicine suggests Testosterone Replacement Therapy, or TRT, can lead to a slight increase risk of stroke and heart attack in men older than 45; especially in the first two years of use.

The study analyzed medical records of more than 15-thousand men over 45 in the United Kingdom and reports TRT users had a 21-percent greater risk of cardiovascular events compared to those not on the hormone therapy.

The research studied men with low testosterone levels because of aging, not due to known secondary causes.

The increased risk appears to decline after two years of TRT use, the study says.

The therapy is prescribed for men suffering from low sex drive, fatigue, erectile dysfunction and more.

Researchers say until more studies on TRT are done, doctors should weigh the risks against the benefits.

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