Village Of Cassadaga Passes Law Protecting Public Trees

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CASSADAGA – Lawmakers in the Village of Cassadaga passed a law last month protecting public trees.

The law allows the village to join the federal Tree City USA program that aims to promote conservation and preservation of trees around the nation.

Trees deemed “public” under the law include those along roadways and within public properties such as parks.

Residents who wish to trim or modify trees between their property and the road now must seek the municipalities permission to do so. Those who violate or fail to comply with the new ordinance could face a fine up to $1,000.

The law also requires officials to keep track of and maintain trees along roadways and utilities. Any trees removed should be replaced, according to the law.

The Tree City USA program started in the mid-1970s with the goal of expanding public tree stock around the nation. The City of Jamestown joined the group in 1981.

To view full details of the new law, click here.

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