Study: Excessive Daytime Naps Linked To Alzheimer’s

Photo: Alyssa L. Miller / CC BY 2.0

WASHINGTON – If you can’t make it through the day without a nap, you may want to listen up.

According to a new study brain cells that keep you awake may be under attack by Alzheimer’s Disease.

Researchers compared the brains of 13 people who’d had Alzheimer’s and died with the brains of seven people who didn’t have the disease.

The researchers specifically examined the parts of the brain involved in keeping us awake during the day. They described finding a degeneration of the whole wakefulness promoting network in the brains from Alzheimer’s patients.

Because of that, researchers conclude there’s a more direct biological pathway between Alzheimer’s and daytime sleepiness. The scientists say follow up research needs to be done.


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