Consumer Watch: Gas Demand At All-Time High

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WASHINGTON – The demand for gasoline has hit an all-time high.

A spokesperson from AAA says when demand goes up, gas prices typically go with it as supply is driven lower.

“At the end of summer, it’s a little strange to see a number that high but it just indicates that people are still taking their end of summer trips,” said Jeannette Casselano, AAA Spokesperson.

Earlier this month, prices had dropped by ten cents or more. This week, gas prices in a handful of states decreased by a bit less, just a nickel.

Still, prices across the country are lower than last year.

With the least expensive gas found in Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina.

“Gas prices are cheap and they’re going to continue to be cheap into the fall right now on average they are about 25 cents less than they were a year ago,” said Casselano.

Although, experts do not to expect demand to continue like it has. They expect it to go down at the official end of summer after Labor Day.


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