Jamestown School Officials Hold New Teacher Orientation

New teachers participated in an icebreaker to get to know each other at Jamestown Public Schools' New Teacher Orientation.

JAMESTOWN – Jamestown Public Schools recently held a new teacher orientation at the Administration Building. Dr. Bret Apthorpe, district superintendent, addressed the new teachers.

“I’m glad you are here. This is a special time now for our Jamestown School family,” said Dr. Apthorpe. “As a group, we have dedicated a tremendous amount of energy to make Jamestown Schools a safe, healthy and happy place for kids. If you met or interviewed with me, you know that the most important thing for me is that you have a natural love for children. You can’t teach that and kids know whether you do or not. You can teach instructional strategies and how to use technology but you can’t teach a natural love of children. If you meet the social/emotional needs of our children, they will be phenomenal learners. We are excited to have you in our district and welcome to Jamestown Schools.”

Whether new to teaching, or just new to JPS, teachers were given the opportunity to become acquainted with the many people, resources and services that are available to support them, school officials said.

This year’s group of 33 new teachers spent three days meeting, and learning, with representatives from the Jamestown Teachers’ Association, staff development office, human resources and information services.

“The new teacher orientation is the first phase of a multi-faceted Teacher Induction Program focused on supporting the success and professional growth of these teachers,” Michelle McDowell, Chief Academic Officer, explained. “Throughout the school year, additional opportunities, to include workshops and mentoring, will be provided to assist new teachers in meeting their professional goals, and assuring that Jamestown Public Schools District students have the very best education.”


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