School Districts May Have To Foot The Bill For New Stop Arm Camera Law

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ALBANY – School District’s across New York State may have to ‘foot the bill’ to put cameras on bus stop arms.

Under the law, districts have to ask municipalities to pay for the cameras, but cities, towns, and villages are not required to foot the bill.

State Senator Jeff Griffo said lawmakers agree that drivers who illegally pass a school bus are a problem.

Although, he said the solution they came up with to fix it was muddled. The law indicates districts cannot use state aid for the cameras.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the measure into law earlier this month.

The cameras, mounted on the stop sign that extends outward whenever a bus is stopped, will automatically record each vehicle that passes it illegally.

Drivers caught on camera passing a stopped bus would face $250 tickets, with higher fines for repeat violators.

Revenue from fines will be split between local school districts and municipalities.


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