Hurricane Dorian Barrels Toward Southeast

JENSEN BEACH, FL – After days of fluctuating forecasts, new projections, and dire warnings from officials Hurricane Dorian has slowed to a crawl.

Dorian remains lodged between the Bahamas and Forida. It’s expected to turn north later Tuesday, threatening much of the coastline.

“Water can come in well before the storm,” said National Hurricane Center Director Ken Graham. “So if you’re told to evacuate, listen to the local officials, that’s very important because the roads can get cut off before the storm.”

Already Dorian has shown its potential for massive destruction, pounding the Bahamas for more than 24 hours, leaving buildings in ruin and residents without homes.

“I was born here, and I can tell you we’ve been through some hurricanes, but never at this level,” said Caroline Turnquest with the Bahamas Red Cross.

The concern now for Florida’s east coast, heavy rain, gusty winds, and major storm surge. Power outages are likely, along with the threat of floods.

Dorian will then set its sights on Georgia and the Carolinas over the next several days.

Residents up and down the southeast coast taking notice; stocking upon supplies and boarding up their homes and businesses, others evacuating or seeking shelters.

“We have comfort kits and blankets, food has been arranged… we are ready to go,” said Cindy Benson, a Hurricane Volunteer.

For now, those in the storm’s path will just watch and wait – and hope for the best.


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