Grand Bahama Hurricane Victims Begin Cleanup Following Devastating Hurricane

Photo: Ministry of Defence (UK).

NASSAU, Bahamas – Clean-up efforts continue in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian ripped apart the vulnerable islands.

Abaco and Grand Bahama saw the worst damage and the people who survived are returning to neighborhoods devastated by strong winds, heavy rain, and a relentless storm surge.

Laura Jones, a Grand Bahama resident returned home to see her home gone.

“I just went blank. I couldn’t imagine. I never thought this was like this,” said Jones.

Jones says she is trying to salvage anything the storm didn’t destroy.

“In spite of everything, there’s hope. No matter how dark it is. No matter when I’m about to fall apart. I can look at this and know there’s hope,” explained Jones.

An animal shelter in freeport lost over 200 dogs and 50 cats in the flood waters from Hurricane Dorian.

The executive director for the shelter said her heart is broken for the animals they lost and for the people who trusted their animals with them.

Photo: Ministry of Defence (UK).

Dorian also destroyed the shelter’s medical equipment and food and vehicles.


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