Liuzzo Opens Campaign Headquarters

Image by Norm Rodriguez/WNYNewsNow.

JAMESTOWN – The Libertarian Candidate for City of Jamestown Mayor officially opened his campaign headquarters this week at 317 Pine St.

City Councilman At-large Andrew Liuzzo held a poster featuring a photo from his recent ‘Sample the Diversity of Our City’ event Liuzzo said he is proud to see the community come together.

“This is what this campaign is about, one community, one city. If we don’t work together, there is no rebuilding the City of Jamestown,” said Liuzzo. “I keep getting asked, ‘How do we make people better neighbors?’ I’m not. You have to be better neighbors, all I can do is promote that idea.”

“It is up to us to meet as strangers and leave as friends, just like what happened Sunday.”

The Councilman told WNYNewsNow’s Andrew Stevenson, since launching his campaign, he has voiced the importance of working together; something that he emphasizes the city needs.

“Unless we start looking to our right and to our left asking each other for help, we are not going to change the way the city is,” explained Liuzzo. “In my 19 months that I’ve been on council, I’ve listened to everybody that calls me, texts me, messages me. I listen to them and I get back to them. I will be the mayor that is your neighbor.

Next week, the Councilman is holding an ‘Ask Us’ event aimed to bring awareness of the fall election and to get the community involved in government. The event will be held Tuesday, September 17 from 6 to 7 p.m. at Dow Park across form the James Prendergast Library.

Liuzzo is running on the Libertarian ticket against Democrat Eddie Sundquist and Republican Dave Wilfong in this fall’s mayoral election.

WNYNewsNow’s Andrew Stevenson and Norm Rodriguez contributed to this report.


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